What sets us apart from other companies?

High quality
We see software development as a craft. Moreover, it is a craft that we have mastered. Due to the high standardization and automation of our work processes, we only create software products of the highest quality. Our customers appreciate the sustainability and scalability of the products we develop for them.
Quick setup and results
We work in two-week sprints and, if possible, we ship the first minimum viable product (MVP) after just two sprints. Through our automations, we have developed an efficient setup process. Complex steps such as authentication, test procedures, and continuous deployment (CD) happen independently. This allows us to concentrate on the essentials: the development of a product that eliminates your biggest pain points and makes your everyday life easier.
Organizational know-how
We don't just think from project to project. If you trust us with a topic, a permanent team of our employees will be supporting you with advice and action. Contact persons and developers change as rarely as possible: in this way, we build up organizational knowledge and trust with our customers. After all, it's about more than "just" completing the project.
Reliable contacts
Key account management plays a bigger role for us than in many other companies. At SIDESTREAM you are always in direct contact with a representative of the KAM team. This means that you always have a contact person who also has a say in the project team. Our lines of communication are short and we promise that you will never wait longer than two business days for an answer.
Guaranteed solutions
Our guarantee: we solve every problem we deal with. No challenge is too big for us, and we can proudly say that we have never failed at a software challenge.