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Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT

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How AI taps into unstructured data sources

With the rise of ChatGPT, many companies are asking how artificial intelligence can create meaningful competitive advantages. Validatis GmbH, a FinTech specializing in enterprise data, is no exception.

Person monitoring a machine

Machine monitoring with software

How can machine data be processed meaningfully in measurement technology? Together with Status Pro, we have developed a web application for detailed processing and configuration of sensor data.

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A guide to copywriting with ChatGPT: Using artificial intelligence for writing tasks

If you're looking for a way to automate the creation of texts, this guide can help. We'll take you through the process of using ChatGPT, an AI tool that can create engaging texts to fit your needs.

Bank building

Joint conceptualization: How the DKB will make better credit decisions through BERT models

In this case study, we explain how publicly available information about a company can be included in credit decisions in a very short time using artificial intelligence (AI).

Efficient Internal Tools

Gaming Notebook

​​Software concept: how digital transformation succeeds

In this case study, we take a look at a software development concept sprint we conducted for the video game company Ubisoft.


New shift book tool

How we were able to support documentation in a highly regulated industry by developing a shift book tool.


The laboratory of the future

How can you automate complex laboratory processes using a web application? In this case study we explain how automation is also moving into science, laying the foundation for a more autonomous laboratory.

Menschen im Büro

Knowledge management in the company

How can a tool help a service company organize its own knowledge? In this case study we report on how we built a tool for internal knowledge management with gempex.

Ultimate User Experience

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Recovery Certificate: Behind the scenes of a GovTech application

How can official measures be implemented even in acute situations in accordance with the Online Access Act (OZG)? A pragmatic approach and agile custom GovTech application development are the key.

Pharma Tabletten und Medikamente

Pharma Audit Tool

How does an application contribute to more efficient process design, more transparency and better coordination in the audit process? In this case study we explain how we developed a tool for pharmaceutical audits with an audit service provider.


Sustainable old clothing collection with just one click

How does software make it possible to have old clothes picked up by cargo bike?

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Real estate valuation without Excel

How was Excel replaced for real estate valuation? In this case study, we report on how a web application was used to replace costly Excel spreadsheets.