Our reference projects

Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT

Dunkelgrüner Farbverlauf

How AI taps into unstructured data sources

Making information discoverable through AI

Person monitoring a machine

Machine monitoring with software

Making machines better, faster, more measurable.

Efficient Internal Tools


Hanselmann & Sidestream: A partnership for the digital age

Digital transformation as the key to success

Gaming Notebook

​​Software concept: how digital transformation succeeds

A concept that maps an existing Excel-based process in a modern web application.


New shift book tool

How we helped with documentation in a highly regulated industry by building a shift book tool.


The laboratory of the future

How can complex laboratory processes be automated using a web application?

Menschen im Büro

Knowledge management in the company

How can a tool help a service company to organize its own knowledge?

Ultimate User Experience

Pharma Tabletten und Medikamente

Pharma Audit Tool

Organize projects digitally


Used clothing collection by click

Implementing sustainability instead of just talking about it

Immobilien Skyline

Real estate valuation without Excel

Responsive web app instead of rigid Excel spreadsheets for the best user experience