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Getting started
Digitization, focus topics and expertise
We would like to digitize something, but we don't know how.
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No problem. We will be happy to help you roughly sort out your thoughts and ideas in initial discussions - without obligation and free of charge. In order to work out a detailed plan that includes requirements as well as a reasonable solution approach, we can offer you a concept sprint: A working sprint that focuses on this alone.

You can learn more about about Digitalization here!

What are your focus topics? 
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Our focus is on the following topics:
- Development of holistic software applications (web apps, mobile apps)
- Process Automation
- Business Intelligence
- Big Data/KI

In addition to the pure development service, we are also happy to take over the architecture, infrastructure, developer training and/or maintenance holistically.

What is your expertise? 
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We develop software. We love the challenge of digitally implementing your complex requirements pragmatically, purposefully and with high quality. We have learned that you have to be an expert in two aspects: In your own area of expertise - software development - but also in the collaboration with the customer. This allows us to combine your expertise in your industry with our IT expertise. 

You can read about what we specialize in IT-wise in one of the questions below.

For a goal-oriented cooperation we rely on transparent communication, agility, flexibility, and foresight.

What projects have you already implemented? 
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A selection of our previous projects can be found here.

What sets us apart and how we work
Why should we work with you guys, compared to other agencies? 
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Only we offer software according to the “Kölscher Reinheitscode” 😉 The secret recipe?
- Mix a good portion of quality awareness with automatic tests.
- Add pull request reviews in a 4- to 6-eye principle.
- Finally, season with a modern CI & CD pipeline.


Check out this page to learn more about what sets us apart

Do you have experience in my industry? 
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Since we specialize in individual software development and work with very different customers, we can develop independently of industry. Our know-how can therefore also be applied in new industries. This allows us to develop innovative solutions with high quality and sustainable functionality.

How do I make sure that I can trust you?
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We have already completed projects in a wide range of industries, including regulated environments, e.g. with the Health Department of the City of Cologne or the KYC department of Bundesanzeiger Verlag. To give you more certainty and to get to know us better, we also offer you talks or calls with different contacts in advance and, if required, a concept sprint. No matter what it's about: We place great value on transparency and tailor our communication structure entirely to your needs.

Let's talk about details
Tech stack, duration, developers and costs
What technologies do you work with? 
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An overview of our tech stack can be found on our main page. However, we mainly work with Vue, Node, and Python. We are specialized in microservices, but also use serverless or NoCode solutions if needed.

How long does it take?
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With a well-developed concept, we can often deliver a working MVP in 1-2 sprints.

Do you also provide individual developers?
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We do not provide individual developers, but we do work on projects with mixed teams of your developers and ours when needed.

How much does it cost to develop software with you?
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This question is not easy to answer in advance. The costs are highly dependent on the project. However, our daily rates range from 1,000-1,200 €/person day. In some cases, we also offer package prices.