Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does software development cost at Sidestream?

The costs for our software development are highly dependent on the project. However, we can provide the following overview for rough orientation:

Person day: 1,000-1,200 €

Different starting points, orientation values:
→ Concept: 3-7 person-days
→ Prototype: 10-20 person days
→ Fully operational first version: 30-40 man-days

Any further developments required depend on the complexity of the product.

How long does Sidestream take to develop?

This also depends strongly on the project. However, we can often deliver a first version in 2-4 weeks.

What are you particularly good at?

Our strengths come into play particularly in projects with technical complexity. Such projects often involve 100-1,000 person days.

We are Germany's leading experts in our chosen technology stack (Typescript, Vue, Nuxt).

We have practical project experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

What about the data protection of the projects?

We work in various highly regulated areas and can guarantee the highest data protection standards.

One way of doing this is to deliver the developed application within your existing IT infrastructure, so that the data remains entirely with you and not even we have access to it.

How does the cooperation work?

We guarantee consistent contact persons, weekly update meetings and 24/7 access to the test environment so that you can follow the project progress live.

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