What do we do?

At SIDESTREAM, we build high quality software that solves the most complex challenges. Together with our customers we target their biggest pain points with pragmatic solutions to make their lives easier.

What can we do for you?

Get to know you

In close communication we get to know the existing operations, challenges and pain-points of your business. Thus, we will have a better idea about how to digitize these processes.
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Develop a concept

We develop a high quality concept sprint that will provide you with a detailed outline of the future software.
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Build the software

At SIDESTREAM we have experience in developing software of any complexity and in a variety of industries and fields. We are always ready to take on new challenges and deliver excellent products that meet the needs of your business.
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How we work

We set our principles and priorities straight when working with our customers. A good mix of these main values is what makes the SIDESTREAM experience unique. 

Agile Development

Agile Development is not just a buzzword for us. We prefer to work in two-week-sprints. We can often deliver the first MVP (minimum viable product) after the second or third sprint. The MVP already addresses your biggest “pain point” and can already make your everyday life easier. 


Transparency is crucial for us and for collaboration. Transparent communication is key to a collaboration built on trust and respect. Additionally, our epic- and storyboards enable you to always have an overview of the development.


We are guided by external circumstances and are not afraid of highly regulated areas. Even if a budget is cut, we look for solutions together and will show you the options that are left to get to the goal.

Knowledge sharing

Our goal is a long-term collaboration. Therefore, we combine our knowledge with our customer’s expertise. We rely on constant teams, so that we also become the expert for the customer's problem. We see this as the base for building a future long-term cooperation.

SIDESTREAM is a motivated team that loves challenges and is not afraid to take risks. Contact us for more!


Our tech stack

Our engineers work with a big variety of technologies. A full set of tools to find a solution for every problem!

Designing &

  • AWS Amplify
  • Serverless
  • Figma
  • Whimsical
  • Bubble
  • Airtable

Languages &

  • VueJS + Nuxt
  • Typescript
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Rust
  • PostgreSQL

Architecture &

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Beyondcorp
  • Linux
Overwhelmed or simply too many questions left?

Up until confirming our offer, all of our meetings are free and non-binding. If you feel overwhelmed with too much information or have a lot of questions, we can schedule a meeting to give you more orientation: We can openly discuss possible approaches, opportunities and blockers. To get in touch, you can use the contact form.