This is how you digitize successfully.

Customized software that measurably achieves your goals.

We are craftsmen who develop software. We come over, we understand your situation and under common objective we develop the software product that fits naturally into your everyday life.

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What does successful digitalization actually mean?

Everyone is digitizing. Because this is how you and we can improve our competitiveness expand sustainably. The competent competition is also using new technology to make better offers to its own customers and at the same time optimize costs and processes.

Well, how do I become successful at it?

Successful digital projects start with people. You need a team that recognizes all innovation potential and solves pitfalls for you. Ideally, foresight before they occur.

Because successfully digitizing means navigating safely through the digitization jungle: user acceptance, data protection, regulation, artificial intelligence and many other topics. Everything must be understood in depth and your own individual added value must be extracted.

This is exactly what we can help you with.

By partnering with Sidestream, you have immediate access to the teams, processes, and technologies that make your digitalization projects successful from start to finish.

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Benefits of working with Sidestream

Conception by craftsmen

With us you don't get pure management consultants who leave you alone with presentations and reports. We provide you with concepts. We then roll up our sleeves and implement these concepts ourselves for you.

Optimal company size

Sidestream deliberately consists of around 25 employees. This means you benefit from the talent density, performance and service commitment of a small team and at the same time from the experience and resilience of an established company.

Integration into your IT landscape

We deliver the software independently or in tandem with your IT to match your IT concept. Deployments and integrations adapt: whether your own servers, Microsoft Azure or SSO.

You always know where you stand

We understand the importance of transparency. That's why we rely on physical getting-to-know-you, dedicated account managers, weekly project reports, regular live demos and give you 24/7 access to the test environment to click through for yourself.

Collaboration with experts

Expertise requires specialization. We are the leading company in Germany in the technologies we have chosen. We implement 90% of our projects with Nuxt3. Our managing director Nils Jonalik is one of the 25 leading experts worldwide. You benefit from excellent quality and efficiency through reusability.

We don't mince words

We tell you what is essential. Specifically: We have to involve the users from day 1, adapt the schedule flexibly to their feedback, test it early and repeatedly, and integrate the software seamlessly into the users' everyday lives through training and interfaces.

Do you think we could be a suitable partner for you?

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