Hanselmann & Sidestream: A partnership for the digital age
Digital transformation as the key to success
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"The partnership with Sidestream has enabled us to further expand our leading role in the industry and successfully position ourselves in the digital age. The bespoke software they have developed has not only optimized our business processes, but also taken our customer experience and employee satisfaction to the next level. Digital transformation is a crucial step for any company to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business world."

Jan Hanselmann, Managing Director of Hanselmann GmbH

Digital transformation as the key to success

In a world in which information technology is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor, ambitious companies are recognizing the need to digitalize their business processes. Hanselmann GmbH, a German market leader in the rental and sale of forklift trucks, is a prime example of this development. Under the leadership of Jan Hanselmann, the company is striving to consolidate its leading role in the industry through a comprehensive digital transformation.

Hanselmann GmbH needed a software solution that not only digitized its core processes, but also reflected the company's own mindset and business practices. An approach that had already been successfully implemented in the construction of their new office building. This individualization must also be reflected in the company's digital infrastructure.

The specific added value of customized software

Hanselmann and Sidestream are jointly developing modular software that digitizes and integrates all business-critical processes. The resulting added value is multi-layered:

1. Increase in efficiency

From the intake of new forklift trucks and the rental process to logistics and invoicing, every step is digitally transformed. The new software significantly reduces the time needed to record equipment, from an average of 35 to 10 minutes per device. The use of tablets instead of pen and paper enables more efficient data collection and processing.

2. Improving the customer experience

Dank der Software können Verkäufer nun am Telefon mithilfe umfangreicher Datenfilter sofort den passenden Gabelstapler empfehlen, was zuvor einen erheblichen Zeitaufwand und Expertenwissen erfordert hat. Das steigert die Kundenerfahrung enorm.

3. Greater flexibility and employee satisfaction

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of the software, employees can access the systems from anywhere via their usual web browser. This increases everyone's productivity and satisfaction.

The software will be continuously developed and rolled out to employees in phases. There are also plans to integrate customers and business partners in order to make processes such as delivery status and project management transparent and interactive.

A success story of digital transformation

The Hanselmann GmbH case study illustrates how a customized digital solution from Sidestream not only optimizes internal processes, but also takes customer experience, collaboration with business partners and employee satisfaction to the next level. Digital transformation is a crucial step for any company that wants to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business world.

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