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What our customers say

"The modern development approach of SIDESTREAM made me curious. I was convinced by the confident communication with the many stakeholders in the research center and the flexible handling of varying requirements in the course of the project. SIDESTREAM's software meets our scientific standards and makes our everyday research work much easier."

Dr. Stephan Küppers - Institute Manager, Research Center Jülich
Stephan Küppers

"As a development manager, I can confirm that SIDESTREAM provides me with excellent technical support. The team has a forward-looking way of working and communicating. It addresses emerging problems and possible solutions at an early stage. The fact that they also take care of the maintenance and further development of the delivered products beyond the initial development completely rounds off the image of a reliable partner for me."

Martin Schuh - Development Manager, DuMont Business Information Tech GmbH
Martin Schuh

"SIDESTREAM developed a concept for us to map an existing Excel-based process in a modern web application. For this purpose, a concept sprint was carried out with the inclusion of all departments involved in the process. This approach was decisive for a high acceptance of the new process. The team's way of working is very pleasant and goal-oriented."

Ulf Morys - Finance Director Germany, Ubisoft
Ulf Morys

"Working with SIDESTREAM is really fun. Ideas are implemented quickly, communication is straightforward and the modern development approach ensures high quality and speed. With Proprate, we have jointly developed an innovative product and I look forward to further collaboration."

Sebastian Staats - Executive Technical Director, Cheil
Sebeastian Staats

"SIDESTREAM developed end-to-end software for us. The project goals were worked out together with SIDESTREAM in personal workshops and flexibly adapted during the course of the project. This also worked great with less technical stakeholders. Due to SIDESTREAM's honest advice, we always felt very well taken care of and the final result was therefore convincing. Even after the project, SIDESTREAM continues to support us as a trustworthy partner."

Christian Stein - Managing Director, Coparion
Christian Stein

"As a know-how-driven company, we - like many others - struggle with the topic of knowledge management. Since there was no software on the market that served our purposes, I looked for other solutions and came across SIDESTREAM. Not only did I find a super dynamic team that was very familiar with modern tools, but also the first solution that was quickly usable for us. The collaboration was a lot of fun and therefore we will tackle our next projects with SIDESTREAM as well."

Ralf Gengenbach - Managing Director, gempex
Ralf Gengenbach

Our software is made with care and according to the Cologne purity law

With the right approach, individual software development, which stands for quality and sustainability, succeeds. We provide insights into our secret recipe.
Zwei Personen am Scrum-Whiteboard
Agile collaboration and authenticity
We prefer to work in two-week sprints. In doing so, we are guided by SCRUM, but do not fanatically adhere to it. Rather, we always remain pragmatic and structured. With our epic and storyboards, we ensure maximum transparency.
Zwei Personen jubeln mit Pokal in der Mitte
Mastering every challenge with quality
As passionate builders, we are dedicated to the craft of software development. Therefore, we pursue the claim to achieve the best possible quality. With our hands-on mentality, we apply our skills in a target-oriented manner in a wide variety of industries.
Eine Person pflückt Früchte vom Obstbaum
Durable applications thanks to a stable base
Software is not a disposable product. We take care of each application like a fruit tree. With extensible architecture and modular development, we create a stable root system right from the start. This enables sustainable further development and continuous operation. In this way, the software will bring rich fruits in the long term.
Eine Person sitzt auf einem Kochhut mit Kochutensilien im Hintergrund
The recipe for the best development process
Take a good portion of quality awareness and mix it with automatic tests. Then add pull request reviews in a 4- to 6-eyes principle. At the end, the whole thing is refined with a modern CI & CD pipeline. Voilà!

Treats for your IT Manager

We serve software development in a menu.
We have specialized our cuisine on microservices. Because small portions open up more space to develop their flavor in the long term. Ideal maintainability, uncomplicated further development and versatile expansion of the world of taste. Sometimes less is more! If it fits, we also like to rely on serverless and NoCode!
Eine Checkliste mit Zahnrad
  • AWS Amplify
  • Serverless
  • Figma
  • Whimsical
  • Bubble
  • Airtable
Drei Zanräder
Main Course
  • VueJS + Nuxt
  • Typescript
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Rust
  • PostgreSQL
Cloud und Infrastruktur
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Beyondcorp
  • Linux

A personal message from the founders of SIDESTREAM

Our vision is to help established companies further expand their competitive advantage in times of digitalization and artificial intelligence. In our experience, pragmatic software solutions are the foundation for steady growth and job security.

We have built a motivated team of talented software developers over the last few years with SIDESTREAM and work together with our customers in a relationship of trust. Our goal is to make the world a little bit better with software. Become a part of it as a customer, employee or supporter.

Stay safe and take care,
Daniel & Nils
Ein Bild von den Gründern Daniel Kremerov und Nils Jonalik
Daniel Kremerov
Product Manager and co-founder
Nils Jonalik
Software Engineer and co-founder