Digitization step by step
We all know the advantages of digitization: increasing efficiency, avoiding errors, scaling... But what can successful cooperation for this look like? 
1. Taking the first step
Countless questions, raw ideas, and loose thoughts in your head before the project has even started? For starters, the following questions are to be asked:

• What is our biggest pain point?
• Should we develop internally or externally?
• What is our budget?
2. Internal or external team?
Pros of an internal team

• Trust
• Costs can be included in salary

Cons of an internal team

• Possibly lack of capacities
• Possibly lack of project-specific skills
• In case of opening a new department: risk factors such as high costs of recruitment, problems hiring good developers, staff changes

Pros of an external agency

• Can often act faster
• You can choose experts
• Instead of ongoing you only have situational costs during projects
• Good documentation and package-based cooperation: possibility to switch to internal development at any time
• Possibility to outsource only parts of the projects 

Cons of an external agency

• Lack of trust
• Additional costs

3. Introduction
Once the basic questions have been clarified and the decision has been made in favor of an external partner (e.g. a software agency), it is important to get to know each other better and to clarify general conditions. We advise you to really take the time to get to know the partners. Trust is the foundation of a successful cooperation.
4. Conceptualization
After that, it's time to get down to business! Our approach to a practical conceptualization usually consists of the following: 

• structured interviews conducted by us, 
• discussions in the team, 
• creation of mocks,
• and a technical breakdown. 

Then you decide whether or not you'd like to continue. Is that enough for you as a foundation of trust? If the answer is "yes", we move forward to…
5. First development
We usually rely on two-week sprints. We can often deliver the first MVP (minimum viable product) after the second or third sprint. The MVP already addresses your biggest “pain point” and can already make everyday life easier.
6. Further development
The MVP also makes it possible to obtain user feedback at an early stage and implement it directly. This ensures that the software is actually used.
7. Completion
In a final phase, the partners sit down again and decide how to proceed.

• Do we expand the software further? 
• Do we tackle other digitization topics? 
• Or do we leave it at this project for now?
If you keep these seven steps in mind, you should also be prepared for all future digitization projects. 🙂

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