founders before and after
Our History
SIDESTREAM may not have a long history but it sure has been rich in progress and changes! Since 2020, we've been constantly growing and taking more space in the industry of software development. At this point, we've worked with well-known companies, defined effective strategies, and cultivated an exceptional work culture. We're proud to look back at this growth and once again recognise how far we've come, as well as manifest a long future of new achievements.

But how did all this happen?..
Wait, what?
That's right! In the very beginning of Daniel and Nils’ journey in 2019 it was all about these adorable creatures.
Before SIDESTREAM was even founded, Nils' living room was the office. They worked on a project called AproneX - a bee IoT tracker for remote monitoring of beehives!
team meeting
By the end of the same year Nils' and Daniel's ambitions became even greater. And that's when SIDESTREAM was born.

SIDESTREAM focuses on highly customized software that tackles companies’ biggest pain points. In Coparion and the Bundesanzeiger Verlag (BANZ) we found our first customers!

Back then our team consisted of barely more than a handful of people.
At this point, SIDESTREAM was ready to grow rapidly. In July 2020 it became a GmbH, the living room was left behind, and the company moved on to a big beautiful office in the very heart of Cologne.

The staff started to expand together with SIDESTREAM's dreams and ambitions.
empty office picture
recovery certificate mockup
Recovery certificate for the city of Cologne, collaboration with MakerDAO, being featured in Handelsblatt, a concept sprint for Ubisoft - all this happened the year after the company was founded.

The trust of our clients during that time was so encouraging that they definitely have a special place in the history of our company.

Projects accumulated and SIDESTREAM quickly began to grow.
In spring 2022, SIDESTREAM which has always been a hybrid company gathered its employees at the first company retreat.

For a whole week the teams were living, working, and having fun together in the beautiful Eifel, while getting to know each other on a new level.

This experience has showed the big potential that stands behind a company full of hard working and like-minded people.
company retreat photo
summer party
The path of SIDESTREAM hasn't been too long, but this is a story of an idea that was put into action in someone's living room and transformed into a stable trusted structure, a growing team, an office in the heart of Cologne, continuous partnerships, and of course high quality software!

There is so much yet to come for SIDESTREAM and we're ready for every new challenge!