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Sidestream Labs are 6 technical Web3 builders who create products and provide software development services to DAOs and protocols.


Real World Projects


Years MakerDAO Experience

Based in Germany

What we offer

Web and Smart Contract Development Services

Similar to our work at MakerDAO, we can help other DAOs and protocols with Web and Smart Contract development. We prefer long-term collaboration, as this is where our quality-first approach strives.

Products in interesting ecosystems

Want more developers to build on top of your protocol or in your ecosystem? We love to quickly build, launch and run new products. We always go the extra mile and therefore prefer grants and incentive-aligning compensation

Work Showcases

Development of user-friendly frontends for blockchain-based protocols

The main complexity of crypto frontends is to guide users through multiple steps to achieve their desired outcome and to only display relevant information from the blockchain to not overwhelm them.

We’ve developed UIs to participate in crypto auctions (Dutch and English style), interfaces for using flash loans and callee contracts and interfaces to display and manage tokens locked inside the protocol. 


Governance payload development and review

Upgrading protocols like MakerDAO requires an extreme attention to details. For that, we created and follow an extensive security checklist (a list of around 200 different checks per payload) in combination with usual github code reviews to ensure the safety of the protocol. Example review produced by our team.

The excerpt of the checklist with 7/200 completed checks:

MakerDAO Checklist

Smart Contract Development

We used our full-stack knowledge of the blockchain to develop a callee contract in solidity that uses flash loan functionality to participate in MakerDAO collateral auctions without requiring capital by using routing data from 1inch. The additional complexity of the 1inch callee was that the routing data is off-chain, which forces developers to think outside the box during implementation, testing, and integration of the contract. The code of the contract was approved by the MakerDAO’s famous protocol engineering team.

One Inch Callee

Development of decentralized and censorship-resistant web applications

We packaged a mission-critical crypto application to be runnable on the end-user machine without requiring technical knowledge in the event of provider-outage or staged ddos attack. The electron-based desktop app can be launched with a single click. It will prompt users to provide an Ethereum RPC URL of their choice and then will run as expected without any external dependencies. Once updated, it will also suggest the users to update to the newer version.

Active Auctions

Development of dev tools to enhance overall security of the ecosystem

We won the Eth Global Superhack hackathon by developing the tool to properly review smart contracts on-chain, using code attestation to store hash of the contract in the blockchain. More about the project and the prizes we received from Optimism, Base, EAS and Mode can be found here.

Chain Review Parsing

How to work with us:
Example MakerDAO

We joined the MakerDAO ecosystem in summer 2021 and shortly after established the Sidestream Core Unit with a monthly retainer. We took full ownership of the topic auctions and liquidations. Initially, we developed a product that unified different types of Dutch auction mechanisms into a single system. This includes features like flash loan execution and arbitrage bots. You can see a demo video of the product here.

These days, our work for MakerDAO is focused on Governance Security development work.

First Hackathon, first Win

In August 2023 we participated in our first hackathon: The Superhack by ETH Global with 1200 participants.

It was an honor to win the largest price pool of all participants and underline the creativity, speed and know how of the Sidestream Labs development squad.

List of won prizes at Superhack

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