Web3 Software Engineering Squad

Sidestream Labs is a dedicated team of Web3 builders that provides Custom Software Development Services to DAOs and protocols.


Real World Projects


Years MakerDAO Experience

Based in Germany

What we offer

Web and Smart Contract Development Services

Similar to our work at MakerDAO, we can help other DAOs and protocols with Web and Smart Contract development. We prefer long-term collaboration, as this is where our quality-first approach strives.

DevOps and Infrastructure

We can run and operate products that were developed by us.

We don’t operate existing products.

Building products in new ecosystems

We are actively looking for opportunities to build and operate products in emerging Web3 ecosystems.

We are builders and entrepreneurs at heart and are eager to take full ownership of the business and product when opportunities arise.

How to work with us:
Example MakerDAO

We joined the MakerDAO ecosystem in summer 2021 and shortly after established the Sidestream Core Unit with a monthly retainer. We took full ownership of the topic auctions and liquidations. Initially, we developed a product that unified different types of Dutch auction mechanisms into a single system. This includes features like flash loan execution and arbitrage bots. You can see a demo video of the product here.

These days, our work for MakerDAO is focused on Governance Security development work.

First Hackathon, first Win

In August 2023 we participated in our first hackathon: The Superhack by ETH Global with 1200 participants.

It was an honor to win the largest price pool of all participants and underline the creativity, speed and know how of the Sidestream Labs development squad.

List of won prizes at Superhack

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