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Developing good software for your business may seem like an overwhelming task. At SIDESTREAM we believe that good products start with a solid foundation. Our team will deliver a high-quality Concept Sprint for your future software in no time!
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Download our case study with the video game company Ubisoft and learn more about our process!
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"SIDESTREAM developed a concept for us to map an existing Excel-based process in a modern web application. For this purpose, a concept sprint was carried out with the inclusion of all departments involved in the process. This approach was decisive for a high acceptance of the new process. The team's way of working is very pleasant and goal-oriented."
Ulf Morys,
Finance Director Germany
Sounds good but...
What is the price range for this service?
Together, we decide on which deliverables you need. Depending on that choice, we will offer you a fixed price in the range of 3000-6000€.
How long does it take?
The development of the concept sprint itself takes 3-6 days. Because we work in close  communication with our customers for this, we will decide together on a timeline that makes sense for both of us: From two weeks to two months.
Our process is too complicated.
We highly value taking the time and effort to get to know our customers in order to be able to build trust and effective cooperation, as well as adapt our product to your needs and requirements.
We’re too busy to deal with it now.
SIDESTREAM consists of experienced and highly trained professionals who value our customers’ precious time and are able to quickly define and prioritize the most important steps and pain points to be addressed. We don't need day-long workshops: We prepare one to three structured interviews that take one hour each. Add to that a kick-off and a closing-meeting - and that's it.
How can we use the Concept Sprint?
We guarantee the usability of our product regardless of whether or not you decide to proceed to developing the final software with SIDESTREAM. Of course, if you do - we will be more than happy to assist you in the further steps. However, that decision is totally up to you and does not affect the value of the Concept Sprint itself.
We still have so many questions…
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries at hi@sidestream.tech